Things you should know about crochet rug

crochet rug

Time has really changed. What was once perceived as a product of functionality has now become an item of essential décor. Let’s break the ice, we’re talking about rugs. Often in the age-old rugs were just for their sole purpose. However, in this modern age it has become a piece ...

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To start with: crochet patterns for beginners

crochet patterns for beginners

Making crochet items is indeed a very fruitful hobby. Various useful things can be made during our free time if we decide to take up crochet as a hobby. This hobby requires creativity. And the amount of money required to make these items are very small. There are numerous crochet ...

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Crochet bathing suit for this summer

crochet bathing suit

The fashion world is changing dramatically. They come out with new designs every day. The crochet has been one of the best fashion designs that are becoming popular. The crochet collections have come for children, adult etc. The crochet bathing suit is the new trend that many celebrities are sporting. ...

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A crochet pillow for a good nights sleep

crochet pillow

Traditionally, Crocheting and knitting crafts are very popular in Brazil, China and Saudi Arabia. However, with the advent of the internet, it has become a hobby for most of the people. It was earlier done by older people. Now, people from all age groups do it both as a commercial ...

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Baby blanket crochet PATTERNS TO TRY OUT

baby blanket crochet

Crocheting your own baby blanket can be a very rewarding endeavor to undertake. Not only will it bring you closer to becoming an expert crotchetier, but it will also help in bonding with your baby. Something magical always happens when you make something for someone. Here are a few patterns ...

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